At Sapphire we home 1-4 puppies at a time.  We believe in individual care and attention for all our pups! Our puppies come from in-home Residential Breeders ONLY and  live in our home as one of the family. Sapphire puppies are learning  socialization skills with many other animals as well as adults and children while at the Ranch.  Our puppies are also assisted in their use of Potty Pads' while at the Ranch and all have been VERY successful!


"United Against Puppy Mills"

Sapphire Sirenic Ranch C/O Sapphire Designer Dogs supports UAPM

UAPMpromotes awareness and provides direction to people & businesses interested in affecting positive action for the elimination of puppy mills as they currently exist.

Have you been searching for a new puppy born & raised within a trusting family?
If so, you're here! 
You have found just that within Sapphire Sirenic Ranch

When working with Sapphire you can bring your puppy home with confidence!
 Sapphire Puppies are only bred by loving families trusting us to unite their puppies with loving forever homes!
Sapphire has earned it's reputation for excellence in puppy care & client service.
​​​We don't just provide healthy, beautiful puppies, we provide love, service and a forever family!
Join the "Sapphire family"

We will send you and your little Gem prepared to go right home and settle in.  No running out to the pet store necessary! We want you to be able to go right home prepared and equipped with the puppy's already established routine.  This will help you and your new little one have a successful beginning.  While at Sapphire the puppies do not go outside, even on a sunny day due to exposure of parasites etc.  I highly recommend not taking your new pup outside or to ANY Pet stores etc. until they are at least 12 weeks old and have had all 3 Puppy Distemper's.  They can pick up many illnesses not only at the pet store and vet's office, but even in your own front yard! It's really best to let their little immune systems build up before any unnecessary exposure.


1.  Royal Canin Puppy/Chiot - (if found on sale, this isn't too expensive, always price match)!
2.  2 Feeding Bowls
3.  Harness & Leash Set - DO NOT COLLAR small dogs.  (it is very easy to severely  injure their esophagus or dislocating shoulder blades)
4.  A Hair Brush 
5.  1 Starter Bag Wee-Wee Pads - Be consistent in placing 2-3 pads where you spend most of your time with your new puppy. (Remember to spray each fresh pad with Simple Solution Puppy Aid) I change mine every other day.
6.   Sample of Simple Solution Puppy Aid Training Spray (this is used on the Wee-Wee pads to encourage use of the pad (works great)!
7.  2 pkg "Puppy Treats" for teething
8.  2 Puppy Safe Toy's

9.   Nail Clippers

10. Thinning sheers

11. Puppy Bed


Fully licensed by

"The Illinois Department of Agriculture"

​​​​​​​Sapphire Designer Dogs  has toy Breed Puppies for sale as well as specializes in Hypoallergenic & Non shedding Puppies for sale.   All of the beautiful puppies that qualify to come to Sapphire Sirenic Ranch are breed from family pet's by their loving forever family. The breeding family treats their dog's no different than we treat our dog's or you would treat your own FurBaby.  My family continues the affectionate human interaction, love and socialization until they leave with their forever family!

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Sapphire Designer Dogs Hypoallergenic Non-shedding Puppies For Sale